Postcard Project

Be an old-fashion heart, a letter, or a postcard in the world full of status updates. 

Has it ever occurred to you someone out there is possibly your soulmate, a new friend, a new beginning, or even a closing of a chapter. So many untold stories we have yet to read, chapters to unfold, and pages to write. We never know who we might meet, everyone crosses our path for a reason.

 Welcome to the Postcard Project! 

50 States. 50 People. 50 Postcards. Time to disconnect from the text messages, sliding into the DM’s and be a part of something bigger. Though communication has become easy through the use of technology, something about the preservation of handwritten letters, snail mail and the simple things have always been of importance to me. We are here to make memories for our own stories and learn others in life’s library. We may not always pick the stories we want to read, sometimes they just fall into our laps. Nonetheless, it serves a purpose to push us closer to where we wish to go. In this case, I have the opportunity to meet 50 new people. We can never stop grasping at knowledge. It’s key to expanding your own perspective. Not everyone views through the same looking glass as you.  In order to find yourself, you have to open your eyes to understanding and learning others. Their bindings hold much more than their pages, but lessons, experiences, and opportunities. The knowledge you can acquire can be bountiful, even if some pages require reading in between the lines.

The purpose of this project is find 50 people, one from each state who is willing to send a postcard as I will return the favor, (Oh sweet California, the Golden state). You can write whatever you want just as long as the postcard as the state name on it.  I have always wanted to travel. At the the moment I can’t visit every state, but I still have the opportunity to at least get to know people.  It is on my Life Goal List and one that I hope to accomplish,  obviously with the help of some amazing people.

We can’t limit ourselves, our communication, or our knowledge. Though we are all human, our differences are what bring us together, as well as a postcard in this case. I am flawed, some pages are more worn than others.  However it’s finding people that are willing to still turn the page that impact our lives the most. We are here to build each other up and cherish the imperfections. They are the traits that make our stories unique. So what’s yours going to say?

Let the project begin.

Still Lost








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