The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Promotions. Limitations. Exaggerations.

  Sometimes we have to take the good with the bad and smile when we are sad. Can I get some nachos with that cheese. Shoot maybe a beer, the way I’m handling life. However, pizza is life, so pizza and beer. Please & Thank you!

  Well, it’s not all that bad. I took a ride on the promotion train & moved up. You are now reading the blog of marketing coordinator. Even if I’m still trying to get my life together, least I can do it with a fancy title. I’m really excited to see what doors this opportunity opens up, since it relates to my career field. As a result of being young and having this opportunity, I am able to acquire experience. This will give me about 9-10 years of experience by age 30. Typically companies require a range from 5-8 years before applying for certain positions. I was reading an opening for a company the other day and it said over 17 years…I’m like OK, yeah I’ve been building my marketing experience since I was 5. The Kindergarten life taught me R.O.I before my ABC’s. It’s crazy to think, we go to college for 4 years, to apply for jobs that require experience of 20 years. Maybe, I am exaggerating the experience but it might as well be. No wonder college students go through a “what am I doing with my life” phase aka me. Internships,networking, and the  college life lecture of “what to do” help but sometimes life doesn’t always work that way. They always tell you how to get from point A to B, but don’t account for other variables that could factor into the equation.

Oh life limitations!

  I guess we can only have our life figure out to a certain extent. Do you ever have those days you  feel limited.You can only do so much yet of course you crave more. You are determined to achieve your goals, but situations make you feel like you are going nowhere. Yeah Yeah, the “no excuses” bullshit, but sometimes we also have to look at reality as well. If everyone can hit their lowest point, drop out of college and become successful don’t you think the 1% of wealth would be a higher percentage. The possibilities are endless, but reality limits us. Even the most positive person has a point in life where they hit a rock bottom. Everyone’s low point is different. However, I’m pretty sure we face it in our twenties. Just kidding, but it’s possible. These are our selfish times that help define who we are. We learn about adulting, responsibilities, education, careers, freedom, along with so much more. As we grow, we also learn the cold truth of being limited to the limitless. It’s not all bad though. It is reassuring to know people are in the same struggle and there are people who are there for you. You may feel alone, but you aren’t alone. Those are your MVPs.

In the words of Logic (The High Life song), I plan to eat with the people I starved with. 

   While we are starving, we sometimes deal with the ugly. Overthinking/exaggeration. I will raise both hands that I am my own worst enemy. I overthink so many situations and I can kill my own happiness. We tend to play scenarios, what ifs, if only, etc etc. as if the outcome would be different. In reality, it is what it is. You can’t go back, you can’t change are currently living in moments that you either waste or enjoy. Life is about day to day risks, if something is going to happen it will happen but don’t force an outcome or purposely kill your vibe. The ugly truth is we all fear something, we all overthink something, we are all flawed, it just takes some time to take a step back & realize it’s a part of life & to surround yourself with people who find your beauty in your flaws. While people can build your vibe, it’s really up to you to love yourself. You are living your life, no one else is doing it for you. Unless, your identity was stolen then well you have a bigger problem.

  If only there was a survival guide on how to make it through your 20’s with a warning label saying: This knowledge will make you successful, I would buy the first copy.We learn through what we create with people, with the memories, thoughts and perspectives, laughs, and actions. Everyone’s situation is unique.It’s in the good, the bad, and the ugly where we learn to how to survive.


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