Life is a train, Get on board.

As we leave station 2016, we are getting ready to board our one-way journey into 2017. So many possibilities, so many tracks, plenty of opportunities, and we can’t go back. Don’t always look forward, but enjoy the window view. You’ll be surprised what the world holds, you could learn something new.

2016 Train-Wrecked

The tunnels have been long this year, I’m pretty sure I’ve been derailed a few times from my “destination”,  and I ended up taking the scenic route vs the fastest route. Through this long journey, I found gold in the wreckage. I have loved, learned, and lived.

I have brought passengers with me but also gained some new ones. I learned to stop and enjoy the view and every moment in between. Sometimes you have to jump and take a risk even if you aren’t ready. Truth is you will never be ready, sometimes you just have to go with the flow. This year has brought the struggles of finding myself, but also opportunities to grow, learn, and exceed as an individual. I have learned to not just look out the window but to open it, smell the air, and feel the breeze across my face. I have no clue, what life holds for me or even my destination..I’m still lost at twenty-two street. However, I have met some amazing people who are by side for the ride. I have created memories that I will cherish forever from spontaneous trips to meeting someone special at a random Starbucks on a weekday afternoon by chance.  Life isn’t always how we expected it to be, but you must be on the right track because you are here bringing in the new year, a new adventure.

Now Boarding..

Whether you are ready or not, 2017 is here. Remember it’s a one-way ticket, but your destination has yet to be determined. Don’t be afraid to take get derailed, and always remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just because you are the on right track, don’t stop moving forward or that’s how you get ran over (just saying). Enjoy the scenic route, because you can learn a lot more than taking the quickest way to wherever you are going. Leave the baggage. First off you only have two hands. Second, time is too precious to be letting baggage weigh you down. You definitely don’t want to be late on your journey. Enjoy and let it go.

Let the adventure begin. Happy New Year!shutterstock_171153017-jpg-crop-original-original


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