The 5 W’s & a How

Who is my soulmate? What is my purpose in life? Where am I suppose to be? When will I feel accomplished? Why are there so many questions!


Welcome to Lost at Twenty-Two street, where I am currently looking for a sense of direction. My current pinned spot is at the corner of “college graduate and being twenty-two”. I gaze at the map we call life wondering where the hell am I going.  For our smartphones being so smart, there are some questions, not even Google or Siri can answer.

Who is My Soulmate?

Cat-lady forever? I already know how to knit…well a scarf. Does it seem to me that the world around me is either getting engaged, posting about their relationships, or having kids? May or may not be jealous. Honestly, everything I see is perceived through social media. Couple relationships in today’s generation are intertwined with social media, that as a result seems harder and harder to have a healthy relationship unless you both don’t have social media. People post what they want to show the world, but it does not represent the entire relationship. Often we tend to compare our relationships with others.  It often leads us to believe, if you don’t exploit your relationship and keep it private you are hiding something. As a result, it curates trust issues because so many environmental factors are often assumed from a simple “like”.  Why does social media have to validate a relationship. Whatever happened to meet at a coffee shop type of love, disconnect from the phones, and engage in face to face communication. Though social media connects us socially it disconnects us from actual reality. Is there still a thing called a soulmate or is it now a socialmate?

What is My Life Purpose?

Seriously since I graduated college, I feel as though I should have cured Cancer, possibly be rich, and own a vacation home. The stress of currently working an underpaid job for the experience with an hour commute, student loans, and not being rich wasn’t what I had in mind. When I was in college, I balanced school full-time and a job full-time. I feel as though I should be accomplishing more with my life at the moment. I am not challenging myself enough to my full potential. I have always been a person with a purpose. A purpose to leave my mark on the world, to make a difference but the challenge is where.

Where am I Suppose to Be?

At the moment, I am sitting on my bed currently writing this blog. If it wasn’t so cold outside I could go for a run, or if I had a gym membership the gym, or I could be on a date, or happy hour with friends. Short-term locations those are all good choices, however in regards to long-term where am I going is the struggle. Everything is a choice and by chance, we get the opportunity to decide what we do. Many of my choices have lead to where I currently am, however, it’s not where I plan to stay. We just have to figure which way to go, left or right.

When will I Feel Accomplished?

Every day we wake up and have the opportunity to do something great, but do you go to bed every night feeling accomplished. When I graduated college, there was some satisfaction however I knew this wasn’t where I wanted to be, that I have more to accomplish. At the moment, I do not feel accomplished but through this adventure, I hope to change that. Progress is a process, and we have to start somewhere.

Why are There So Many Questions!!

So many questions but not enough answers. There is no study guide to life, you can’t find all the answers on Quizlet. I mean if that was the case, I would be on the corner of successful and debt-free.

However, the Biggest Question of All is How Are You.

You are the most important part of this adventure, where ever life takes you, whatever questions you are trying to find make sure you are happy. As strange as it seems I live with no regrets because everything has made me who I am today. Don’t live life with regrets, because you can’t change them, you can only learn and move forward.We may not have a direction but just go. Sometimes, we have to be lost in order to find ourselves..

So welcome to my lost life..

Have you seen Autumn, because we are on an adventure to find her!








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